Communication Assistant

  • Clear & user-friendly PC-based interface
  • Unify control of communication & surveillance system
  • Simplify supervisory & management process
  • Clear & user-friendly PC-based interface
  • Computerized interface for easy control of functions like call transfer and recording
  • Contact list shows status of other users*
  • Unify Control of Communication & Surveillance Systems
  • Centralizes different types of communication channel & surveillance system into one interface, e.g. phone, IP Camera and Video Intercom System
  • Integrates with contact database of Microsoft® Outlook. Dial to a particular person can be as convenient as just a click
  • Simplify Management Procedure
  • Supervisor Mode assists in monitoring call performance of staff
  • Reduces administrative cost & time
  • Compatible PBX System:
  • KX-TDE Series
  • KX-NCP Series (Built-in)

For specification, please refer to Product Catalogue in "Support" section.
*Applicable to CA Pro & CA Supervisor only