Professional Use Solid Shine 3-DLP projector



  • Brightness: 10000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 20000:1
  • 4K+ resolution
  • LED/Laser diode light source, no maintenance for 20,000 hours
  • Brightness: 10000 lumens; Contrast ratio: 20000:1
  • 4K+ resolution
  • Portrait Mode Capability
  • Edge blending & multi-unit brightness control function
  • Digital Link transmits digital signals up to 100 m with a single cable
  • 360-degree free installation
  • Geometric adjustment function enable adjustments of images for projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other specially shaped screens. Optional kit ET-UK20 Geometry Manager Pro Software also available
  • Optional digital interface box ET-YFB100G or ET-YFB200G

Professional Use Solid Shine 3-DLP projector
Panel Type0.9" DLP x 3
LampN.A. (Laser diodes light source)
Brightness10,000 lumens
Contrast (Full on / Full off)20000:1
Resolution (Native / maximum)4K+ (5120 x 3200, Quad Pixel Drive On)
Video Compatibility


Screen Size50" - 600"
Lens ShiftVertical +-59%(+-56% with the ET-D75LE6, +74%-+84% with the ET-D75LE90)br/>Horizontal +-29% (+-19% with the ET-D75LE6, -12%-+16% with the ET-D75LE90)
Keystone Correction RangeVertical ±40°, horizontal ±15%
Dimensions (W x H x D)578 x 323.5 x 740 mm
Power Consumption1270W
TerminalsSDI IN1 (BNC x 1)
SDI IN2 (BNC x 1)
SDI IN3 (BNC x 1)
SDI IN4 (BNC x1)
Frame Sync IN/OUT (BNC x 1)
Frame Sync OUT (BNC x 1)
SERIAL IN (D-sub 9-pin female) x 1
SERIAL OUT (D-sub 9-pin male x 1)
REMOTE 1 IN (M3 x 1)
REMOTE 1 OUT (M3 x 1)
REMOTE 2 IN (D-sub 9-pin female x 1)
Expansion Slot x 2
Replacement LampN.A.
Optional Accessories ET-PKD520H (High ceiling mount bracket)
ET-PKD520S (Low ceiling mount bracket)
ET-PKD520B (Attachment for ceiling mount bracket)
ET-EMF330 (Filter unit)
ET-SFR330 (Smoke cut filter)
ET-PFD510 (frame)
ET-UK20 (Geometry Manager Pro Upgrade Unit)
ET-CUK10 (Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Unit)
ET-YFB100 (Interface unit)
ET-YFB200 (Digtial Link switcher)
ET-MDNDV10 (DVD-D input x 2)
ET-MDNHM10 (HDMI input x 2)
TY-TBNO3G (3G-SDI input x 4)
Optional LensOptional Lens


Zoom lensET-D75LE6 (1.0-1.2:1)
ET-D75LE10 (1.4-1.8:1)
ET-D75LE20 (1.8-2.6:1)
ET-D75LE30 (2.6-5.0:1)
ET-D75LE40 (4.9-7.9:1)
ET-D75LE8 (7.9-14.8:1)
Fixed focus lensET-D75LE50 (0.7:1)
ET-D75LE90 (0.39:1)
Standard AccessoriesWireless remote control unit
Battery for remote control unit
Power cord
CD-ROM software