Motion Sensor




  • Smart notification
  • Creating smart control scenarios
  • Expandable up to 50 sensors and controllers
  • Use with the hub
  • Uses an infrared sensor (i.e., heat sensor) to detect motion in a surrounding area

  • can be used to trigger other actions(camera recording, turning on a light, etc.)

  • One Touch Pairing, Easy Operation

  • Long Range by DECT: 50m indoor / 300m outdoor (depends on environment)

Baby Monitor

Indoor Camera can detect the room temperature & be used as a baby monitor through which you can soothe your baby with your voice or built-in lullabies.

Home Monitor & Safety

You can use camera or Window/ Door sensors to trigger alarm, camera recording features, notify you or trigger other actions.

Home Appliances Automation

Smart plug can be turned on and off when using the App or when triggered by a sensor.

Easy Set-up & use

The innovative system provides you a simple way to link the smart devices and control them from free App on a tablet or smartphone.

Home Network System (Introduction)
Home Network System (Case Study)
Home Network System (Application)

Motion Sensor
StandardsDECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
Frequency rangeDECT: 1.88GHz - 1.90GHz
RF transmission powerDECT: Approx.10mW (average power per channel)
Power sourceLithium battery CR2(CR15H270)(1 X 3.0V, 850mAh)
Operation conditions0°C-40°C
Dimensions(mm)height x width x depthWith the rear cover attached: Approx. 72mm x 73mm x 61mm
With the wall mounting adaptor attached: Approx. 72 x 73 x 61
Weight(g)With the rear cover attached: Approx. 70, excluding the batteries
With the wall mounting adaptor attached: Approx. 77, excluding the batteries
Battery lifeUp to 1 year (when motion is detected 50 times a day and the surrounding is approx. 25°C)
Sensor detection methodPyroelectric infrared sensor(heat sensor)
Heat sensor detection rangeHorizontal:approx.±45°
Distance:approx.5m (when the surrounding temperature is approx.25°C)
RemarkThe system is an auxiliary system; it is not designed to provide complete protection from property loss.