Tips for Purchase and setup of IP Camera

Tips for IP Camera Security

Panasonic IP Camera offers a variety of solutions to meet your surveillance needs. Customers can improve the security levels by altering the setting of the IP Camera to protect your privacy. Here are some suggested safety tips to secure your IP cameras from prying eyes:

1. Change the default username and password set by the manufacturer after the initial setup
2. Choose a strong password and change it periodically
e.g. " MyNameIsPanasonic%_# " or " My6Name%Is_PanaSonic8# "
3. Cover up your IP camera when not in use
4. Mask the private areas by setting the Privacy Zone Mode
5. Connect your router to Virtual Private Network (VPN)
6. Set up firewall and create a strong password for WiFi connection

Broadband Service

The use of IP Camera may be restricted if customers use the broadband service provided by the developer (i.e. the internet service included in the management fee). Customers may need to apply an independent broadband line, or request a special arrangement from the property management company in order to use IP Camera. Please contact the management company for further details. Users of "PCCW Netvigator" are restrained by the internet service provider (ISP) to access the IP camera via port number 8X. Customers may enquire about the port number available for setting up IP Camera from the ISP.

Choice of Wired / Wireless

Panasonic carries a wide range of wired / wireless IP Camera models, customers can choose the suitable model according to their needs. For customers selecting wireless IP Camera, please confirm if their router supports wireless data transmission. Normally, wireless coverage of IP Camera may depend on the strength of wireless router. Since the reception of notebook is not equivalent to the one of IP Camera and cannot take it as reference.


Router is not included in Panasonic IP Camera. Customers need to purchase their router which supports uPnP for IP Camera. Panasonic's wireless models support WPS easy set-up. If customers' router is provided with WPS function, the setting procedure can be simplified.

Need of Interactive Audio Communication

For receiving sound through IP Camera, please select models with audio input function (Mic or audio-in jack). Some models is equipped with speaker, or audio-out jack for connecting related device. 2-way audio communication can be performed.

Need of Recording

Customers can capture and save image of Panasonic IP Camera into computer with free download recording software. Optional network video recorder can be used for recording image directly without keeping the computer turn-on.

Software Support

Free download recording software can only be installed and operated on PC. Installation and operation on Mac OS is not supported.

IP Camera Access Restriction

Customers may be unable to log-in IP Camera in office because the access is possibly blocked by company's firewall. Besides, if port number 8000 or above is set in office or at smartphone, the access to IP Camera may be restricted. Please consult their company for the port authority.

Outdoor Protection Standard

IP (International Protection) Standard classifies the degree of protection for a product. First digit represents solid particle protection while second digit represents ability against liquid ingress.

Solid Particle Resistant Liquid Ingress Resistant
IP55 Quantity of dust ingress is not sufficient to interfere normal operation Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction at least 3 minutes, 12.5 litres per minute, 30 kN/m² at distance of 3m, shall have no harmful effects
IP66 No ingress of dust Water projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction at least 3 minutes, 100 litres per minute, 100 kN/m² at distance of 3m, shall have no harmful effects

All of Panasonic's outdoor IP cameras comply to IP standard, but splash resistant is not equivalent to "waterproof". If users would like to install the IP camera at outdoor, it must be protected with water-resistant ventilated protective cover, or placed under eaves or balcony with sufficient buffering distance. Exposing IP cameras in outdoor environment without any proper protection may lead to damage.

Set-up and Installation

Customers can set-up IP Camera by DIY following the set-up guidelines provided or tutorial on website. Customers can also purchase our on-site set-up and/or installation service. Normally on-site set-up and/or installation appointment takes about 5 days and the service has to take place during office hours. If customers request special arrangement of on-site set-up and/or installation during non-office hours, additional fee will be applied.

(Set-up service means configuring IP Camera and router in computer, for which the distance between IP Camera and router / modem should be no more than 2m. For installation services e.g. cabling, screw in and wall-mounting, please contact our service hotline to arrange site-inspection and price quotation)

Fee First Time Set-up Fee Second Set & Each Additional Set of Camera ^
Wired router + Set-up HK$1,150.00/Camera+ HK$450.00
Wireless router + Set-up HK$1,150.00/Camera HK$450.00
Set-up Fee* (Exclude router) HK$800.00/Camera+ HK$450.00*

Additional charge for outlying islands: HK$400.00/ per visit including: Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island & Cheung Chau etc.

* Set-up service provided for Netgear router only

+ Included max. 2 metres CAT5 cable

^ Must be set-up in same location at the same time