Development of Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1953, Shun Hing Group has been developed as a well-established and recognition enterprise. Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd., (SHTEC) a strong member of Shun Hing Group, was incorporated in 1985. SHTEC provides the people of Hong Kong and Macau with Panasonic high-tech office automation and telecommunications equipment, professional audio and video systems, cold chain and age-free products.

In recent years, SHTEC has been committed to develop various markets with growth potential, such as the electric vehicle market, IoT, and e-commerce solutions, providing total solutions for corporates, educational institutions, NGO and Government departments.

Implementation of Total Quality Management

SHTEC's pursuit of perfection bore fruit in a major way on June 18, 1993, with the official presentation of an ISO9002 Certificate for service excellence by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency. SHTEC is committed to reaching even greater heights of service achievement by implementing Total Quality Management. In Feb 2003, SHTEC was granted the ISO9001 Quality Management Certification.

Perfectly complementing our commitment to TQM is our commitment to the highest standards of service. Our customer service pledge reflects this determination by providing guidelines for staff in the handling of enquiries, quotations, complaints and the arrangement of service activities.

By the implementation of Environmental Management System, SHTEC established "Company Operating Procedure" to compile with the ISO14001 environment standard and assures the commitment of demonstrating environmental management to society, business partner and staff. In May 2002, SHTEC was awarded ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

Cert Iso9001e Cert Iso14001e