What ziaino® can do?

ziaino® is a hypochlorous acid made from naturally derived salt and water that removes pet and waste odours, and is effective in inhibiting bacteria and viruses. It can be used safely and securely in manned spaces.


1. Inhibition of bacteria and viruses

Inhibits airborne bacteria and viruses, as well as bacteria and viruses adhered to the furniture in the room.

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method] Measuring changes in the number of airborne bacteria in a 11.6m² test space [Test subject]Airborne bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result]99% inhibition confirmed after 20 minutes [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0436


[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method]Measuring changes in the number of adhered bacteria in 11.6m² [Test subject]Adhered bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result] 99% inhibition confirmed after 3 hours [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0365


2. Deodourisation

Quickly deodourises odours that continue to drift

[Test institution] Environmental Control Center Co.,Ltd. [Testing method] Verification by the Odour Intensity Calculation Method [Test subject] Airborne mixed odor [Test result] Odour intensity reduced to 1.5 after about 120 minutes in a 9.7m² test space [Report No.] H07019001DA

Characteristics of ziaino®

1. Clean the space in its entirety

ziaino® cleans the entire space, including the air and objects in the space.

Stationary chlorine dioxide gas atomizer

Stationary deodouriser

Features of the stationary type inhibiting pollutant/deodouriser*

Effective in small spaces with limited space but no power supply.

*According to in-house study 



2. Regular Inhibiting pollutant and deodourisation

ziaino® spreads the effects of inhibiting pollutant and deodourisation to every corner of the room at all times.

Disinfectant spray

Deodourising spray

Characteristics of Disinfectant/deodourising sprays*

Effective for immediate use in a part of the space, but difficult to spray throughout the space.

*According to in-house study


*According to in-house study


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