SASUKE Robohelper


Whether it is in Residential Care Home, Nursing Home or Hospital, many long-term bedridden require transfer assistance. Nursing staffs are often struggle to transfer the elderly between bed and wheelchair. SASUKE Robohelper is aimed to provide gentle nursing care and security for all care receivers and care workers.

  • Increase care receiver’s living quality and reduce care worker’s stress.
  • Just like being carried up gently with both arms with minimum swaying and vibration.
  • Easy transfer between bed and wheelchair, all within face-to-face distance and care worker’s reach, bringing a sense of security to the care receiver and care worker.

For the care receiver:

  • Body weight is evenly dispersed onto special sheet for comfort.
  • Stable transfer with minimum swaying.
  • No assembling of equipments required above the head/body for sense of security from non-obstructive peripheral vision.

For the care worker:

  • Instinctive and simple maneuvering and handling.
  • Reduce burden to care worker’s hip and back.
  • Equipped with the gentle warmth of light for sense of secureness and comfort.

For the Nursing Home:

  • By providing great reduction of stress to the care worker, result in reducing the rate of care worker’s quitting.
  • Maneuvers are simple and instinctive, which helps to improve efficiency and quality of care.
  • Transfer aid operable even by single person with little strength, require less care worker.
  • With the use of standalone battery pack, the maneuvers are freely mobile and cordless.
  • SASUKE’s arms can be rotate, raise and lower to any height of various beds and wheelchairs.
  • Equipped with Lift lock type casters that can be easily locked on and off, ensure the safety during the transfer.

SASUKE Robohelper
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