Panasonic EV-PHEV AC Charger

ELSEEV hekia S Mode3 (DNH3262150)

  • The New Wall-fitting AC-Charger for EV-PHEV
  • 7 kW Charge
  • Apply to Europe EV-car model (Connector Type 2)
  • Single phase 32A 7kW EV Charger

  • EV Charger IEC61851-1 Compliant
  • Socket IEC62196-2 ed2.0 Compliant

  • Indoor/ outdoor / roof side with IP55 protection
  • LED Indicator shows status of charging

Panasonic EV-PHEV AC Charger
EV Charger / Power Tools
EV Charger
Rating32 A 220V AC (single phase) 50/60 Hz
Basic FunctionCPLT function (IEC61851-1 ed3.0 Annex A compliant)
Charging ConnectorIEC62196-2 ed2.0 compliant
Operating Temperature Range-30℃ to +40℃
Dimension (WxHxD)132 x 350 x 115mm (excluding protrusions)
WeightApprox. 5.3 kg
Rated Power Consumption5W or less (excluding vehicle charging circuit losses)
Waterproof & DustproofIP55 equivalent (excluding charging connector)
Charging Cable LengthApprox 5M (dimensions from the pulled out section)
Suggested Installation MethodWall mounting (Optional)
Installation PlaceIndoors, outdoors,roof sides
Type7 kW Type 2