We boast a track record of over 10 years of outstanding performance in Japanese medical institutions.

Thanks to our rapid bacteria inhibition and deodorisation capabilities, sold over 300,000 units of ziaino® equipment. And we’re excited to announce that clinics in Malaysia have now started to incorporate ziaino®.

User’s voice

Yamagata Prefectural
Central Hospital

(A Japanese public hospital)
Hidden threats and odour
Due to the strong odour of the waste material, vomit, antiseptic solution, acidic electrolyzed water for disinfection in the endoscopy room, there was nothing that the air conditioner could do.
Installed ziaino®
Inhibition to
bacteria & virus
Effective reduction
We saw a big difference from the next day. Based on the evaluation of the doctors, nurses and the cleaning staff, we have officially installed ziaino ® and have been using it from morning to night.

How does ziaino® purify air?

Inhibits airborne bacteria and viruses in hospitals

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method] Measuring changes in the number of airborne bacteria in a 11.6m² test space [Test subject]Airborne bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result]99% inhibition confirmed after 20 minutes [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0436


Inhibits adhered bacteria and viruses

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method]Measuring changes in the number of adhered bacteria in 11.6m² [Test subject]Adhered bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result] 99% inhibition confirmed after 3 hours [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0365



Quickly deodorises drifting odours in order to create a comfortable environment in hospitals

[Test institution] Environmental Control Center Co.,Ltd. [Testing method] Verification by the Odour Intensity Calculation Method [Test subject] Airborne mixed odour [Test result] Odour intensity reduced to 1.5 after about 120 minutes in a 9.7m² test space [Report No.] H07019001DA


Why is ziaino® safe?

Uses only natural salt and water to generate hypochlorous acid.
You can use it safely in indoor spaces.

*1 The non-toxic evaluation (NOAEL) is a pharmaceutical term that refers to the highest value of exposure at which no harmful effects are observed in repeated dose toxicity tests using multiple dose groups. (0.5 ppm is the environmental standard for chlorine gas, but since one molecule of chlorine gas, the chlorine gas concentration can be replaced with hypochlorous acid concentration.)

Test report

Active ingredients of volatilised hypochlorous acid solution inhibit COVID-19.


The effective chlorine component of the hypochlorous acid solution volatilized from the verification equipment inhibited over 99% of the adhered COVID-19 virus in 8 hours.
Exposing a hypochlorous acid solution of around 10mg/L at pH 8.5 to COVID-19 inhibited it by more than 99.99% in 1 minute.


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